10th October : World Mental Health Day

With just a few days to go, I thought it's time to pen down yet another post on mental health. The World Federation for Mental Health has selected Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World as the theme for World Mental Health Day 10/10/2018. The main focus will be to create widespread awareness… Continue reading 10th October : World Mental Health Day


The Facts Of Life

Life is a journey we all have to travel. Some have it easy while some may not.. While some may be extremely fortunate, some may seemingly live the picture- perfect life and still others have the perennial complaint that "life gives them lemons" . Whatever it may be, no individual in the world can actually… Continue reading The Facts Of Life


Thoughts About Religion

Religion is one of the features that defines each one of us in society. It's something that sets us apart and categorizes us. Religion holds utmost significance in our lives. Most individuals follow his or her own religion while some may follow none. It's a matter of personal choices and one's prerogative..So each to his… Continue reading Thoughts About Religion


International Women’s Day

It's the 8th of March and it happens to be Women's Day today. Well, it's celebrated the world over, hence, International.. The theme for International Women's Day 2018 is PRESS FOR PROGRESS. This day is dedicated to all the women.. It's a day.. To celebrate womanhood and all their accomplishments in life. So Cheers.. ●… Continue reading International Women’s Day


Love Matters

LOVE.. 💕 LOVE.. 💕 Yes, it's all about love this week ❤❤ with the extended and on-going Valentine's Day celebrations that most have witnessed or experienced. The World over LOVE 💕❤💕 is celebrated on the 14th of February. Now that's a different story that for each individual, love has a different meaning and a different… Continue reading Love Matters


Reach Out And Prevent Suicide

SUICIDE. SUICIDE is a term we all have been hearing way too frequently over the past few years. Suicide by definition is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Suicide is one of most common causes of death. It's a global social issue that seems to have increased rapidly due a number of risk… Continue reading Reach Out And Prevent Suicide